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With our P2P loan platform, you can lend available funds to a fellow storage customer who pledges gold, silver and/or platinum as collateral (valued at spot price) to secure the loan.

As a storage customer with funds in your P2P account, you can:

  • Lend funds and have them secured by 200%* worth of collateral.

    *Only the 1-month loans can be funded with a lower ratio of 160% (or about a 62.5% loan to value ratio).

  • Set your own interest rate, currency and loan duration
  • Rely on timely payments, through the sweeper fund system
  • Enjoy simple online procedures and transparent processes
  • Pay only a low fee of 0.5% of the lent principal

Should the loan principal not be repaid on time, or should the value of the collateral securing your loan fall to 110% of principal, Silver Bullion will liquidate (sell) the collateral to ensure you receive principal and interest. Should a scheduled loan payment be late, the Sweeper fund will act as a buffer, given funds availability, to ensure timely payments.

Loans always start on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of the month, allowing you to roll over funds from one loan to another without downtime and allowing you to choose your interest rates, currency and duration. We only charge a 0.5% administrative fee.

See the Loan Schedule for more details.

Popular Lender Uses

  • Safe

    Eliminate Storage Payments (if applicable)

    If you also own bullion you can use earned interest to pay your bullion storage charges.

  • Percentage sign with arrow pointing downwards

    Maximize Lending Returns

    Obtain great risk/reward returns and re-lend earned interest (roll-over) to maximize your lending returns.

  • Shield with a dollar sign

    Protect Your Funds

    Diversify away from thinly capitalized financial systems and protect your lent funds with 200%* worth of collateral, which in turn is fully insured against fire, theft, infidelity and even mysterious disappearance.

    *Only the 1-month loans can be funded with a lower ratio of 160% (or about a 62.5% loan to value ratio).

How to Lend

Step 1. Fund your P2P account

In order to lend, you need to send funds to your P2P account. (View options to fund your P2P account)

A contract between a borrower and lender

Make a new Lending Offer

Step 2. Set your lending terms

Log into your S.T.A.R. Storage account and set the terms for your lending offer.

The terms you can set: Loan Currency, Loan Duration, Offered Interest Rate, and Loan Amount. (Click to enlarge)

Under the “Valid Until” option, you can choose to have your lending offer carried forward to subsequent bidding periods until you cancel it or for selected period only, in the event that your lending offer is not fulfilled during the current bidding period.

Make a new Lending Offer

Step 3. Post your new lending offer & wait for borrower(s) acceptance

Review all terms before posting your lending offer.

Lending Offer Summary

Lend: Loan amount and due date for funds transfer
Receive: Principal plus interest after deducting administrative fees and maturity date
Loan Interest: Interest receivable at the end of the loan contract
Administrative Fees: 0.5% of Loan Amount
Loan Term: Duration of loan contract
Multiple Borrowers: Allows/disallows multiple borrowers to fulfill the lending offer

Once you have confirmed and submit your lending offer, our auto matching system will try to find a borrowing request that matches your terms.

  • If a matching borrowing request is found:

    A loan contract will be created immediately.

  • If a matching borrowing request is not found:

    Your lending offer will be posted on our listing page for potential borrowers to match. A contract will be created when a borrower accepts your lending offer.

When a contract is created, you will be informed via secured notification. Silver Bullion will act as an escrow to enforce the contract by collecting and disbursing funds between the parties and locking collateral.

The loan amount needs to have been credited to the designated SB peer-to-peer bank accout no later than 1 business day before the start date of the relevant loan. If any payment becomes due on a day that is not a business day, the due date of such payment will be brought forward to the last business day before the original due date.

Should your P2P balance be insufficient to fund the loan by the due date, the sweeper fund will make a short term loan in the amount of the outstanding balance to your P2P account so that it can be debited as planned. There will be a 1.0% late fee charged to the party whose funds were short.

Make a new Lending Offer

Loan Contracts

A contract between a borrower and lender

Once your loan request is filled and a legally binding contract between the lender and borrower is created, Silver Bullion will act as an escrow to enforce the contract by collecting and disbursing funds between the parties and locking collateral.

Your P2P account must have sufficient funds to cover your lending obligations by, latest, one day before Loan Start. Should your account be short by 12:01 AM SGT on the Loan Start date you will charged a late fee of 1.0% of your outstanding balance. Please note that eventual bank wire fees from or to your linked bank account will debited to your P2P account.

Make a new Lending Offer

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