About Discount Tiers and the Pricing Chart

Discount tiers are volume discounts, with a twist. The twist is that we add your past purchases to your current order to determine your volume discount.


  • Many existing customers qualify for immediate discounts. Log into the website for automatic price adjustments according to your discount tier.
  • Volume discounts grow from one order to the next. Even small orders can qualify for volume discounts. Great for customer who wish to dollar average through regular buying.
  • Mix & match products. This is possible as discount tiers are based on bullion ounces purchased (1 boz = 1 silver oz) which is a common measure across all products and order types.

See How it Works:

  • Add items to the shopping cart, as the shopping cart reaches a discount tier threshold (e.g. 1500 boz) the appropriate discounts will automatically be applied.
  • Log onto the system to have your past purchase boz balance added with the box of the items in your shoppping cart as below

The Discount Tier Thresholds:

The system assigns a discount tier based on the ounces (boz) in the shopping cart and the past order [requires login] ounces (boz) according to the following tables:
Each Purchased oz Counts as:
1 Silver oz = 1 boz
1 Gold oz = 10 boz
1 Platinum oz = 10 boz
To Determine Your Tier:
Tier 1 0 to 1499 boz
Tier 2 1500 to 2999 boz
Tier 3 3000 to 4999 boz
Tier 4 5000 to 9999 boz
Tier 5 10000 to ++

About Buying and Selling:

Your Buying Options:

SGD & USD Prices - Your order can be priced in either of these currencies. This is useful to avoid currency exchange charges.

QTY / Tier Rows - Discount Tiers apply to all orders, whether it is S.T.A.R. Storage orders or Local Pickups orders. Details on Discount Tiers can be found below.


Your Selling Options:
DiscountTier Buying

"From Client" / "Non Client" – We buy IPM bullion on the spot after passing our proprietary Density, X-Ray & Ultrasound (DUX) test at our Certis Cisco Paya Lebar location (see buyback details).

A premium is paid if the bullion was originally bought from us (the “From Client” price). A Silver Bullion Pte Ltd invoice is usually used to determine “Client” / “Non Client” pricing. If your invoice was misplaced, we can find the original order for you in our system.

S.T.A.R. Storage buybacks are always based on ”Client” prices and can be done online without the need to be physically in Singapore.

Discount Tier FAQ

How is the "Accumulated Bullion Discount" different from regular volume discounts?
A traditional volume discount applies to a single product type in a single transaction so only large orders enjoy volume discounts. The Accumulated Bullion Discount applies across product types across your transactions. This is true regardless of order type. So S.T.A.R. Storage and Local Pickups complement each other.
I bought bullion from you back in 2009, is this still counted?
Yes. Since the second quarter of 2012, your boz do not expire.
What purchases count towards the "boz" balance exactly?
The order must have a process status of "Waiting for Payment'", "Payment Received" or "Completed".
How would gold be counted in boz?
Gold is set to a 10 boz per ounce, for example 1 ounce of gold is equivalent to 10 boz.
So for a given purhase Silver will result in more boz compared to gold, which reflects our Silver Focus.
How can I see my past orders and check my boz?
After you log into the website click on "Purchase History" in the "Bullion Discount" box on the right column of your screen. Your detailed order information will be listed, including your bullion ounces and order status.

I have a 300 boz balance from past orders. I am now making a 200 oz order. A 500 boz balance qualifies for a discount. Would I receive the discount on this 200 oz order?
Yes, as soon as items are added to the shopping cart the added ounces are counted towards the boz balance. Prices are automatically adjusted and discounts applied. Please note that discounts do not apply to past orders (ie: There is no retroactive discount applied to your past 300 oz order)