Transfer-In Program


Customers who wish to store their bullion with us are required to create a S.T.A.R.@ TSH Storage account with us. Creating a S.T.A.R. Storage account with us is free of charge.


Create a storage account


Let us know types the and quantity of bullion that you intend to transfer to us by submitting a transfer-in order to us.


Submit a transfer-in order



Once you have submitted your transfer-in order, please proceed to make payment to us for that order.





Once we have confirmed receipt of your payment, you can begin to arrange for your bullion to be shipped to us. Such an arrangement can be made with logistics companies that ships precious metals e.g. Loomis. Ship to:



506 CHAI CHEE LANE #01-01





We will notify you via e-mail when your shipment arrives.




We will test your bullion’s authenticity before packing and sealing them into tamper-evident parcels.


Please refer to DUX on how we test bullion.


After packing and sealing your bullion in tamper-proof parcels, we will transfer them into the vaults for storage. Your bullion is now officially part of Silver Bullion’s storage program.


Should you have any further queries pertaining to the bullion transfer-in program, please contact us by e-mail.



I would like to ship bullion I have purchased from elsewhere. What are the first steps I need to take?
Sign up for a storage account with us. We will need to verify your account – along with the signed form and the required documents - before you can initiate the transferring the bullion.


OK, you have verified my account. What's the next step?

You may submit a transfer-in order through the website. Please do not ship your bullion unless you have submitted the order.


Who then takes care of the shipping?
We will assist you with the shipping process through our logistics partners. Domestic deliveries (movement from point A to point B within Singapore) can be arranged through us with specialized logistics companies who deal with bullion.

I have 321 pieces of the 1 ounce gold Maple Leaf coins and several half ounce gold Maple gold coins, and half a tube of the American Silver Eagles. Can I send everything to you?

We accept many types of bullion, provided they are IPM (investment precious metals as defined by the Singapore Government) and sent in multiples as specified in our program. Please click here for more information.


I have 15 gold Maple Leaf coins that I wish to have stored with you. Can I purchase 5 more gold coins from you so you can store two parcels for me?
Yes, you may. Please submit an order as soon as you have confirmed with your shipper that your bullion is on the way to our office.


Talking about storage, what is the minimum number of months that I must store my bullion with you?
In order to store with us, you will need to indicate that you will store for a minimum of six (6) months.


Will you notify me once the bullion has been received in your office?
Yes, we will notify you via e-mail or secure notification.


How long will you take to conduct the testing and packing of my bullion?
Depending on the type of bullion and volume shipped, we will take approximately 2 – 5 business days to ‘DUX test’ the bullion and pack them. Transfers concerning larger volumes might take about a week to process.


I am sending several boxes of silver coins. Will you be 'DUX testing' each and every coin?
By default, each tube containing coins will be weighed. We will then conduct an ultrasound test on a sample batch from these coins. At our discretion, we will test more coins, or conduct an X-ray fluorescence test on the initial batch of coins.

Gold bullion will be inspected more thoroughly.


Can I request for a DUX verification report for all of my bullion parcels?
Yes, you can. To find out more about DUX Bullion Testing and the charges involved, please visit this page:


Will you notify me once my bullion has been packed and are inside the vault/storage facility?
Yes, we will send the invoice detailing the deposit charges, prepaid storage charges as well as the parcel numbers we have assigned to your bullion.
You can also download photographs of your bullion parcels when you are logged in to our website.


I wish to take physical delivery of my bullion in the future. How do I submit the request?
Your bullion, once packed in parcels and stored in the vaults, are part of the STAR+ Storage system. You can then request for physical delivery – whether you wish to collect from our office or a specific address – when you are logged in to our website. Standard withdrawal charges apply – see Schedule of Charges