The Safest Jurisdiction: Leveraging Singapore


The Safest Jurisdiction

Singapore is a multicultural English speaking city-state in South East Asia. Despite having no natural resources, Singapore transitioned from a third world country 50 years ago to become, through good government, the country with the third highest per capita income in the world.

The city state has virtually no crime nor corruption, and despite low taxes it has consistently recorded budget surpluses. It is the only Asian country to be rated AAA by all credit rating agencies. The Economist ranked Singaporeans as having the best quality of life in Asia and today’s Singapore is socially very stable, as well as a cultural bridge between Asia and the West. With a defense budget twice that of its neighbors, one of the world’s most modern militaries and over 900,000 active reservists, it is extremely well defended.

Singapore is the ideal jurisdiction for bullion storage because, in addition to its stability, independence and defense capabilities its market economy is greatly dependent on investor confidence in its institutions, ensuring that private property, including bullion, is protected at all costs.

By establishing our 630 ton storage facility in Singapore, eliminating all middlemen and reducing ties to Western jurisdictions, we have “gone local, rather than global” so that the Singapore jurisdictional protection is not undermined by foreign regulatory ties if gold nationalization events in other countries occur again.