Silver Bullion sells palladium parcels, in the form of bars.

These parcels are uniquely identified private property, tracked in our parcel ownership list, audited by Ernst & Young LLP and Bureau Veritas, fully insured against loss, guaranteed to be genuine, and stored under exclusive Singapore jurisdiction.

Being your property, these parcels can be sold 24/7, used as collateral for low interest peer-to-peer loans, or taken delivery of.

Storage fees for palladium parcels are fixed at 9.86 SGD (7.28 USD) per ounce per year. In percentage terms, the storage fee:

  • is 0.29% of the current palladium price
  • will be 0.15% if palladium doubled in value
  • will be 0.10% if palladium tripled in value

Any unused storage will be refunded upon sellback or delivery.

A sample palladium parcel

Purchase palladium parcels

You can purchase palladium parcels 24/7, and pay in USD, SGD or Euro .

Palladium Bar PAMP Suisse - 10oz
Buy from: 25,100 USD
1.41% premium
Buy Now 1 parcels in stock
Palladium Bar Credit Suisse - 1 oz
Buy from: 2,535 USD
2.40% premium
Pre-order Now Available: Unavailable

Sell your palladium parcels

You can sell back your parcels 24/7, and receive USD, SGD or Euro .

Palladium Bar PAMP Suisse - 10oz
Sell to us at: 23,210 USD
2.52% below spot
Palladium Bar Credit Suisse - 1 oz
Sell to us at: 2,341 USD
1.68% below spot

Palladium as collateral

Obtain a loan in SGD/USD for up to 50% of your parcels’ value (or up to 62% for one month loan contracts) via Secured Peer-to-Peer Loans. The process is fast, easy and reliable.

For example, a 10 oz palladium parcel allows you to get a 11,500 USD loan starting February 1 at the following live interest rates:

Take delivery of your parcels

Stored parcels can be withdrawn easily with a notice of one business day.

An administrative fee of 25 SGD is charged for the withdrawal of each parcel.

Please contact us for local and international shipping.