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  • The Precious Metal Favored During A Financial Crisis Isn’t Gold

    Many of the top precious metal analysts state that gold is the premium asset and insurance hedge during a financial collapse.  We hear this time and time again.  However, if we look at the data during the near collapse of the U.S. Banking and financial system in 2008, gold wasn’t the most sought after precious metal.

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  • Why Is The U.S. Importing So Much Silver Bullion?

    Something very interesting took place during the first two months of 2015.  U.S. silver bullion imports increased significantly compared to the same period last year.  Now, this has nothing to do with the supposed increase of JP Morgan silver inventories as that took place starting in March.


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  • Ted Butler: The Biggest Silver Haul In History

    As I’ve mention previously JPMorgan is still stopping (taking) silver deliveries in its own house account. In the May COMEX futures contract, they’ve taken over three million ounces so far.

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  • Global silver output running low — report

    After over ten years of gains, global silver production is expected to drop this year, as new supply from projects won’t be sufficient to replace production losses from aging operations, a study released Wednesday shows.

    According to the World Silver Survey 2015, published by The Silver Institute and Thomson Reuters GFMS, global silver output went up by 5% in 2014 to reach 877.5 million ounces, the 12th successive gain and a new record. This year, however mine supply is set to decrease.

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  • U.S. GOLD EXPORTS IN 2014: Surged During Price Take-downs

    The Fed and Central Banks are in serious trouble and certain countries realize it.  This can be seen by the change in the gold price and its impact on U.S. gold exports.  If the Fiat Monetary Authorities believe a low gold price will discourage investors from purchasing the yellow metal… think again.

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  • 105 Trillion Reasons To Own Silver

    There are 105 trillion reasons to own silver.  Very few investors in the world realize this, which makes it one of most undervalued assets in the world.  While the paper price of silver could go a bit lower, it’s forming a bottom while the major stock indexes are developing the BIGGEST TOPS in history.

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  • 2014 FULL YEAR RESULTS: Top Primary Silver Miners Lost $1.9 Billion

    With the last remaining company finally releasing their year-end results, my top primary silver miners lost a combined $1.9 billion in net income in 2014. (Read more)
  • THE COMING GOLD RUSH: There’s A Lot Less Gold In The World

    The Western U.S. Dollar based monetary system is headed for a train wreck. This isn’t a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN. Investors lulled to sleep by the low paper price of gold are losing out on the best buying opportunity of a lifetime. (Read more)
  • U.S. GOLD MARKET 2012-2014: Suffers Massive Deficits

    With all the data finally out, the United States gold market suffered a massive deficit over the past three years. Actually, large enough to supply all the gold for the U.S. Mint’s production of its Gold Eagles for the past twenty years… a huge amount indeed. (Read more)