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  • Why it all boils down to Counterparty Risk

    Large banks had become "too big to fail" because they owed too much money and governments could not afford their failure. But how expensive were these bailouts and what will happen when the next crisis requires even larger bailouts?

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  • Sovereign Debt Infographic

    If a picture is worth a thousand words then this infographic was money well spent as it gives a vision
    and feeling to our debt problems by stacking US (and other countries) debt into huge stacks made
    out of 100 USD bills and placing them, to scale, next to their respective national monuments.

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  • Can your wealth be defined beyond paper and digits?

    “The word ‘dollar,’ quite literally, is legally meaningless, and it has been meaningless for the past decade. Federal Reserve notes are not 'dollars'; they are notes denominated in 'dollars.' But what a 'dollar' is, no one knows.” 
    - Ron Paul, The Case For Gold (1982)

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  • Did You Read That Right? – The U.S Debt Limit Show

    Come November 5th, the theatre of the United States Congress will once again stage the annual U.S Debt Limit show. However, unlike many award-winning shows on Broadway, this show is seeing dwindling interest from the audience.

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  • Unlike slumping commodities, silver demand is soaring

    It is no longer news that global commodity prices are in a slump due to cooling demand from China. Just about every commodity from soybeans, coffee to base metals have seen declining prices month after month since 2012. While commodity investors rue their decimated portfolio, no one is questioning the reason for the slump in prices - it comes across as a straightforward case of supply and demand.

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  • Three Common Bullion Storage Misunderstandings

    In the industry most customers are only creditors, not owners, and fabricated security and "all risk insurance" claims are often used to derail or mislead legitimate customer enquiries. We detail three of the most common storage misunderstandings and why it is important to know about them.  

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  • BEWARE: What If This Retail Silver Investment Shortage Doesn’t End?

    Not only has the present retail silver bullion product shortage continued for several months now, what happens if it never ends?  This may seem like a play on hype, but if the U.S. or World experiences another Black Swan event like the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008, physical silver demand will likely explode to levels much higher than today.

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  • Silver Shortages Explained - How Physical Demand has Little Effect on Prices

    Physical demand spikes when prices fall but physical demand seldom affects prices themselves as physical trades represents only a tiny proportion of the highly leveraged future exchanges where prices are set.  When physical bullon demand increases and prices fall shortages occur.

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  • Why silver could be a better investment than gold

    It is the time to invest in silver! Experts believe that the white metal will be favoured more over gold during the upcoming festive season.

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  • SILVER INVESTORS: Why The Next Financial Crisis Will Be Different

    There’s a lot of analysis on the MSM and alternative precious metal sites forecasting how the future events will play out.  Unfortunately, 99% of MSM -Mainstream media’s take on the future is absolutely worthless.  However, many precious metal analysts also are making incorrect financial and economic forecasts, based on faulty assumptions of the future.

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