Where Does Gold Come From?

Posted by Vincent Tie on 14 Jan 2022

Scientists believe that gold was produced in supernova nucleosynthesis, and from the collision and bombardment of neutron stars around 4 billion years ago. 

This bombardment caused most of the gold to sink into the core of our earth during the planet’s formation. Gold is then brought closer to the surface by molten lava, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and water.

It is estimated that there is around a million tons of gold in the top kilometer of our earth’s surface. However, only approximately 196,320 tons have been mined since the start of civilization. Whether the remaining gold can be mined is unknown since prospecting gold is highly risky, and mining is often costly - requiring substantial investment, energy, and successfully navigating strict environmental regulations.

Remember the fascinating cosmic nature of gold the next time you hold a gold coin or bar in your hand!