We are now accepting CAD, HKD, AUD and GBP payments for bullion and storage orders!

Posted by Kim Sabularse on 29 Aug 2019

Payments in Canadian Dollars (CAD), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Australian Dollar (AUD) or British Pound (GBP)!

Silver Bullion is excited to announce that we are now accepting CAD, HKD, AUD and GBP payments for bullion and storage orders!

Get direct CAD, HKD, AUD and GBP quotes for your orders and pay in that currency without the need to convert them to USD or SGD.

Selecting CAD, HKD, AUD or GBP quotes on our website 

To get quotes directly in CAD, HKD, AUD or GBP, just click on the currency dropdown on the upper left corner of the page and select your preferred currency.

Adding products to your cart using your preferred currency

Once the you have selected your preferred currency, all products, services, and sellback quotes on our website will now be quoted in that currency. You can continue adding products to your cart and get your order confirmation in your preferred currency after completing the checkout process.

Paying for your CAD, HKD, AUD or GBP orders

After succesfuly ordering in CAD, HKD, AUD or GBP and receiving your order confirmation, you may proceed to pay your order by initiating a wire transfer to our DBS Multi-Currency bank account below:

CAD, HKD, AUD, or GBP transfers can be made using TT to:

Bank Name: DBS Bank
Bank Address: 12 Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3
Singapore 018982
SWIFT Code: DBSSSGSGXXX (leave XXX out if only 8 letters are needed)
Branch code: 003
Account Number: 003-922974-7 (omit 003 if it has already been keyed in)
Account Name: Silver Bullion Pte Ltd
Add Reference: Please specify the order number(s) as reference/comment

The above account is a multi-currency account and will receive the payments in the original currency transferred.

Bullion sellback in CAD, HKD, AUD or GBP

By selecting any of our supported currencies, sellback quotes on our website will automatically be denominated in the selected currency and will be transferred to your bank account in that currency. For example, if you selected AUD and initiated a sellback in AUD, we will be transferring the AUD amount in the sellback confirmation to your bank account.