Posted by Francis Koh on 12 Feb 2014

U.S. Mint Nearly Sells Out Of Its Weekly Silver Eagle Allocation In Two Days.

In a recent article, I mentioned that I spoke with Michael White, Public Affairs person for the U.S. Mint.  I recently received a reply from Mr. White and continue to get updates and information from his office on Eagle Sales.

Mr. White stated that the reason the U.S. Mint took more time to roll out the 2014 Silver Eagles this year was due to the exceptionally high volume of sales in 2013.

On Monday, the U.S. Mint updated their Silver Eagle sales figures to 1,442,000 oz.  Mr. White sent me an email stating that they sold 592,000 Silver Eagles on Monday and the total allocation for the week was 900,000 oz.

As you can see from the U.S. Mint figures below, they sold an additional 249,500 Silver Eagles today (Tuesday) for a total of 1,691,500 coins.

Silver Eagles Update 21114

Total Silver Eagle sales for Monday & Tuesday hit 841,500 oz.  Thus, the U.S. Mint only has 58,500 Silver Eagles to sell to its Authorized Dealers for the rest of the week. Furthermore, Silver Eagle sales continue to outpace Gold Eagle sales in a big way. 

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