Silver Bullion Becomes Registered Bullion DNA Dealer with the Royal Canadian Mint

Posted by Vincent Tie on 04 Nov 2016

For Immediate Release
4 November 2016

Silver Bullion Becomes Registered Bullion DNA Dealer with the Royal Canadian Mint

  • Bullion DNA is a further endorsement of Silver Bullion as a trusted dealer
  • Complements Silver Bullion’s own DUX bullion testing system


RCM Bullion DNA

SINGAPORE: Silver Bullion Pte Ltd (, one of Singapore’s largest bullion dealers and precious metals storage provider, announced today that it is now a registered Bullion DNA dealer with the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). This makes Silver Bullion only the fifth registered Bullion DNA dealer with the RCM in Asia.

The Royal Canadian Mint's gold and silver Maple Leaf bullion coins are known around the world for their iconic design and unsurpassed purity. They are also the world's most secure bullion coins thanks to security features like advanced engraving, laser-marking technology and precision radial lines.

The Royal Canadian Mint’s Bullion DNA (Digital Non-destructive Activation) is a fast and easy to use tool, that allows approved Bullion DNA dealers to verify the authenticity of their customer's gold and silver Maple Leaf coins in just seconds.

“Silver Bullion has been retailing the Royal Canadian Mint’s gold and silver bullion products for many years now. We have sold more than 2 million troy ounces of RCM bullion coins and bars,” says Silver Bullion founder Gregor Gregersen. “The Bullion DNA program is innovative and increases the awareness of customers regarding the need to buy gold and silver bullion from trustworthy dealers. Becoming a registered Bullion DNA dealer with the mint is a great endorsement for Silver Bullion. Authenticating bullion is not new to us, we have tested countless customers’ bullion bars and coins with our own DUX bullion testing system.”

Silver Bullion has been a forerunner in non-destructive gold and silver bullion authentication in Singapore since 2011. The company’s DUX bullion testing ensures a high degree of reliability by combining three methods of testing – density, ultrasound and X-ray fluorescence. Precious metals that customers bought from other sources are authenticated using DUX bullion testing before they are accepted for storage in Silver Bullion’s vault.

Silver Bullion’s precious metals vault, The Safe House, has the capacity to store 630 metric tons of tax-exempt precious metals. Singapore government agency, IE Singapore, lists The Safe House as one of the two world-class vaults in Singapore.


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