Posted by Francis Koh on 17 Jun 2014

PRECIOUS METALS & The Death Of The Business Cycle

While science, technology and specialization allowed mankind to advance to levels thought impossible during the 1800′s, it also destroyed of our ability to perceive the FULL PICTURE.  Basically, the left hand knows not what the right hand is doing. This is a very dangerous situation indeed as analysts and economists continue to provide forecasts based on superficial and incomplete data.  This very factor was the inspiration to start my website.  My attempt was to provide information and data to help analysts–investors CONNECT THE DOTS.

Gold vs Oil Ratios & Price Values    GreenBack Purchasing Power   Dark Ages & Death of Business Cycle

Unfortunately, my energy articles receive a fraction of the reads my precious metal articles receive.  I have found that most energy analysts do not want (or care) to understand the merits of the precious metals, while many of the gold and silver bugs could care less about the ramifications of peak oil.

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