Posted by Francis Koh on 25 Feb 2014

Market Continues To Purchase “All” Allocated Silver Eagles From U.S. Mint.

This means its authorized dealers are limited to the amount of Silver Eagles they can purchase each week.  Michael White, the Public Affairs person for the U.S. Mint, told me that in order for the Mint to build up inventory of Silver Eagles, it has to ration sales to its authorized dealers.

For the second week in February (10th – 14th), the U.S. Mint allocated 900,000 Silver Eagles.  At the beginning of that week, total sales were 850,000.  By Friday, the 14th, total sales reached 1,750,000.

The next week, Mr. White stated in an email that the allocated Silver Eagle amount for the third week (18th – 21st) were 750,000.  I believe this lower figure was due to the Presidents Day Holiday making it a four-day work week.

The U.S. Mint updated its figures on Friday, the 21st:

Silver Eagles Update 22114

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