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June 2012 Silver Bullion Newsletter - Our New Location

Silver Bullion Pte Ltd

Dear Subscriber,

We are excited to announce that we are relocating our offices / depository - within the same building - to a newly renovated 2,000 square foot area on the same floor as the majority of Certis Cisco Safe Deposit boxes.

As you might know on October 1, 2012 investment grade gold, silver and platinum will be tax exempt in Singapore as the Government, in view of worldwide financial developments, is aiming to promote the trading and storage of physical bullion within the city state.

With bullion being tax free and with no import/export restrictions Certis Cisco Singapore (see details) will be a very attractive highly private do-it-yourself physical storage option for precious metals with no reporting requirements. While Certis Cisco offers safe deposit boxes, Silver Bullion Pte Ltd provides deep buy and sell liquidity for physical precious metals, especially silver, just a few meters away from your safe deposit boxes.

The new location will double our secured storage space, providing plenty of space to hold in-stock inventory. Furthermore the new office / depository should be an interesting place to visit as the bigger space will allow for improved display showcases, more efficient processing and upcoming special function rooms such as projector and laboratory rooms.

The bulk of the renovation work has already been completed and our relocation will occur on Thursday, June 7th. We will be closed on June 7th and will re-open on June 8th at our new location. Our old location on the fifth floor will be occupied by Certis Cisco as administrative offices after our move. Please see more information in the boxes below:

Our New Location Impressions
Silver Bullion Certis Cisco Location

Bullion represents solidity, simplicity and transparency. We have designed our new location with these themes resulting in larger open spaces with glass partitions, granite tiles and walls that have a concrete feel.

The main public area will have a 4 meter long bullion display as well as a central raised display holding a 10 KG Perth Mint Dragon Silver Coin and bullion bars.

Upon walking in, on the left, the special purpose rooms are the projector / heritage room and the future laboratory which will house advanced x-ray and ultrasound devices for purity testing.

On the right the private sale rooms and a bullion counter will make the sales / buyback process more efficient. Behind the sales counter are our back offices and the secured concrete safe room.

Directions The New Location

Our new office is located within the same building but it will be on the third floor, unit #03-02A, instead of the fifth floor. This floor is dedicated for Safe Deposit Boxes but also houses Silver Bullion as well as the Cisco Auxiliary Police Enforcement Services, including traffic police.

To reach us take the usual elevator to the third floor - or simply follow directions to the safe deposit boxes - and you will see a sign pointing you to the right for Certis Cisco Safe Deposit Boxes and a sign pointing to the left for Silver Bullion.

Follow the Silver Bullion sign [you have to pass through a double door] and walk down the corridor. We are located at the end of the hallway.

From 8 June our new address will be:

Silver Bullion Pte Ltd
Floor #03-02A Certis CISCO Center II
20 Jalan Afifi, Singapore 409179

Article - A Clash of Cultures China and the West

Most bullion buyers, with few exceptions, are well-versed or at least tend to be interested in history. So I thought it worth mentioning that in Singapore the History Channel is currently broadcasting a very informative documentary titled "Clash of Cultures – China & the West" explaining many drivers and reasons that helped shape both modern china and it's relationship towards the West over the last 600 years.

I was surprised how big the role of silver was in determining the relationship between these cultures. Although China had periods in which paper currencies were used these tended to eventually collapse due to over printing, only to be replaced by silver again. By the time limited trade with the West started, China was on a silver standard, as were the Western mercantile powers of the time, creating a common medium of exchange.

England was one of the first trading partners selling cotton to China in return for tea, silk and porcelain. However China soon learned to grow their own cotton while the demand for Chinese goods soared in the West. Thus, as the balance of trade grew in china's favor, England had to pay for Chinese silk with more and more hard currency (silver).

It was this outflow of silver which caused England to forcefully introduce opium (the source of heroin) into china by addicting Chinese citizens in order to create demand for this drug with the aim to reverse the balance of payment and the flow of silver. As the opium took hold of her citizens, China's reaction was to ban opium, prosecute opium dealers and set up rehabilitation clinics for those who succumbed to addictions.

England, not recognizing such bans, had some of their opium cargo's seized by Chinese customs and promptly used this as a pretense to seize and control, through their naval superiority, several major ports, including Hong Kong. The spread of opium and western military and trade interest led to the eventual downfall of Chinese authority.

It is noteworthy how the initial drivers of these events was England's unwillingness to reduce their silver holdings.

Gregor J. Gregersen,
Founder, Silver Bullion Pte Ltd

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