Posted by Francis Koh on 24 Mar 2015

IMPORTANT GOLD CHART: Every Investor In The West Needs To See

The only thing holding up the Western Financial Empire’s House of Cards is faith that market will continue to believe increasing debt and monetary printing are practical solutions for long-term prosperity. I imagine there is a limit to the level of INSANITY these markets can reach. Here is one chart that perfectly describes how this insanity has impacted investors in the top Western countries:

Australian US & Canaidan Gold Production vs Gold Exports 2014    

According to the data put out by the official sources from Australia, Canada and the United States, these three countries had combined gold production of 642 metric tons (mt) in 2014.  Australia was the number one producer at 275 mt (Australia Resources & Energy Quarterly Report – March 2014), the United States came in second (USGS estimate), and Canada placed last at 152 mt (Natural Resources Canada Monthly Production Statistics 2014).

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