Posted by Francis Koh on 30 Dec 2014

Foreigners Remove Most Gold from US Since Just Before 9/11!

The last time foreigners removed this much gold from the New York Fed in a single month was back in March of 2001, six months ahead of 9/11.


Over the last 12 months, foreigners have shipped back to their homeland a total of 5.52 million oz of gold! This includes 2.87 million oz during the last two months. Historically, any time foreigners have removed such a large amount of gold from the US in a 12 month period – it has been a warning sign that a major recession/financial crisis is imminent.

In October of 2007, total gold repatriation from the US over the trailing 12 month period surpassed 5.5 million oz – and the US officially entered into a recession three months later, which later became a global financial crisis. However, at no point leading up to or during the global financial crisis, did foreigners repatriate more than 1.28 million oz of gold in a single month!

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