Posted by Francis Koh on 08 Jul 2014

Drinkable Book With Silver-Imbedded Pages Brings Water to Those in Need

The Silver Institute has written extensively how silver has helped breakthrough improvements in product development and industries; read previous articles here.

A researcher at the University of Virginia has developed a Drinkable Book in which each page acts as a filter producing potable water. The pages are imbedded with bacteria-killing silver nanoparticles and are designed to address life-threatening bacteria and other waterborne diseases for those who live in areas where clean drinking water is not available.

drinkable book physical market The sheets are bound into a book and users tear them out individually (each page has two filters), and place them in a plastic box – which comes with and houses the book – and pour water over it, much like filling a coffee filter with water. What drips out at the bottom is clean, drinkable water. Each 24-page book can sustain a person for up to four years, according to Water is Life, a group that helps to bring clean water to those who need it.

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