Posted by Francis Koh on 18 Feb 2015

DANGER AHEAD FOR U.S. & WEST: Shown In These Gold Charts

It doesn’t seem to matter the disaster ready to unfold in Europe if (probably when) Greece makes its exit.

Regardless, the current global gold market structure reveals a severe out-of-balance situation.  While the West, especially the U.S., continues to dominate the global financial system with the finest printing press on the planet, the East (BRICS) now control the lion’s share of the physical gold market.

US Retiirement Q3 2014 Asset Value BRICS Gold Production vs WEST 2014 NEW BRICS vs WEST Gold Demand 2014 NEWEST

Unfortunately, the majority of investors who receive their information from the Main Stream Media (MSM), have no clue just how weak and vulnerable the current global financial system has become.  However, I believe we may be witnessing a peak in the broader stock-paper investment markets.  The chart above is the current total value of the U.S. Retirement Market:

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