Posted by Francis Koh on 21 Jun 2014

BIG DECISION: Should I Invest In Gold Or Silver, Coins vs. Rounds?

Many of the emails I receive from readers is on this very question.  I don’t like to give out investment advice because I am not a licensed professional, but I can tell you what I and other analysts are doing.

Before I explain how I invest in the precious metals, I wanted to provide some interesting videos on the subject of gold and silver investing.  In the first video three analysts, Ed Steer (GATA), Mike Maloney ( and Peter Spina ( discuss how they invest in the precious metals.  Here is the link:  BUY SILVER OR GOLD?

Maloney Gold or Silver    Gold & Siilver Coins

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Ed Steer from GATA prefers silver over gold, while Mike Maloney describes how he buys each metal depending on the gold-silver ratio at the time.  I’ve heard of analysts who trade the precious metals by the gold-silver ratio, but it was interesting to find out how Mike purchases more silver when the gold-silver ratio is high and more gold when its low.

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