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EP1 - Building the World's Highest-Capacity Vault

Building the World's Highest Capacity Vault is a video series chronicling the journeys of the people behind the construction of The Reserve.

Gregor Gregersen, Founder of Silver Bullion, On the Precious Metals Market in 2023

Precious metals like gold and silver have been gaining prominence in the last few years. These commodities are becoming the preferred choice for retail investors to hedge against the impending recession.

How Gold & Silver are Audited in Singapore's The Safe House Vault

We give an inside look at how precious metals are inspected by third-party auditors at our vault, The Safe House. A precious metals audit is a straightforward process that systematically checks that all stored bullion is verified to be present.

Gold and Silver Do Best In Stagflation (Gregor Gregersen)

Why gold and silver typically do well in the current stagflationary economic environment? Drawing comparisons from the stagflation of the 1970s, where gold and silver were in a bull market.

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