The removal of the 7% GST on bullion greatly increases the attractiveness of storing your bullion in a non-bonded designated facility in Singapore. Find out more details on safe deposit box options and which bullion types will be tax free from October 1st onwards. Storage of your bullion in the safe deposit boxes would have to be facilitated by you. The safe deposit boxes are operated by Certis Cisco, please contact them for more information.
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The metal spot price, metal premiums and GST (tax)
In-Stock Inventory
Silver 34,946 oz 45,711 oz
Gold 162 oz 10 oz
Platinum 15 oz 20 oz

1,318,148 oz customers owned
45,741 oz excess in vault
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Gold & Silver delivered: 2,792,000 oz

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Spot Price / Ounce
Silver Bid Ask
in USD 19.36 19.41 -0.21
in SGD 24.30 24.36 -0.26

Gold Bid Ask
in USD 1,287.20 1,288.00 -6.10
in SGD 1,615.69 1,616.70 -7.66

Platinum Bid Ask
in USD 1,406.00 1,411.00 0.00
in SGD 1,764.81 1,771.09 0.00

Updated 21/4/2014 5:30