Physical Crypto Storage (Coming Soon)

Posted by Vincent Tie on 19 Dec 2017

The Safe House's Physical Crypto Storage is designed to provide the safest storage of cryptocurrency in the market, by physically encrypting and storing your private keys. We leverage our existing high-security vaulting facilities, processes and insurance coverage, to be the safest place to store your cryptocurrencies.


Physical Crypto Storage—The Gregersen-Gono Standard (Coming Soon)

Cryptocurrency private keys are randomly generated, and immediately encrypted. The encrypted keys are then etched using a UV laser, onto polycarbonate cards. Private keys are not stored in digital form at all.

The polycarbonate cards are then stored in custom, tamper-proof mini-boxes which are then sealed with a tamper-evident metal seal. The sealed mini-boxes are then stored within our UL rated Class II vault.

To release the cryptocurrency, customers' identities are carefully verified. A special decryptor device is then pre-authorized by 3 independent groups. After this authorization, the decryptor scans the polycarbonate card, unlocking the key and sending the funds automatically to the customer.

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In view of our commitment to provide the industry's most secure cryptocurrency storage, we've codified our operating procedure under an open document, the Gregersen-Gono Standard.

The Gregersen-Gono Standard is currently in beta, and continues to be actively developed in response to your feedback. It is published by The Safe House's sister company, Little Bit. To give your feedback, you may e-mail:

Gregor Gregersen: [email protected]
Clint Mark Gono: [email protected]

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