S.T.A.R. Storage: Designed to Protect - Beyond Allocated, Unique Reserved Storage System

Our S.T.A.R. Storage Facility

The Safe House

The Safe House SG is a subsidiary of Silver Bullion Pte Ltd. The decision to invest into this facility was made because we were running out of storage space for silver and there is little bullion storage capacity in Singapore that is not run by a subsidiary of an overseas company, thereby implying direct or indirect exposure to European or US governmental regulations.

Through The Safe House SG Pte Ltd we have effectively moved our storage in-house and created a one-stop solution for trading, testing and storage of bullion that provides full contractual transparency along the entire storage chain with no material Western regulatory exposure. This legal transparency is further strengthened through our unique parcel ownership system which makes these investors legal title owner of bullion under Singapore law – as evidenced by their invoice listing specific parcels - as opposed to the unsecured creditor status which is typical of storage programs that deal in generic quantities of bullion.

The Safe House SG expands on the parcel storage concept by adding RFID tags to the parcels and neatly storing them in sealed custom built 800 KG pallet cages which in turn are stored within narrow racks whose narrowness and weight add an additional layer of physical security. The bullion parcels are further covered by an all-risk insurance that includes mysterious disappearance and fidelity, thereby insuring operational errors or inside jobs by The Safe House staff and effectively removing all physical storage risk to the customer.

The Safe House SG has a fully segregated capacity of 600 metric ton (21 Million oz) for silver (about 1% of global known above ground Supplies), accesible via 2.5 ton Class I vault door and an additional 25+ metric ton capacity Class II Vault for gold and platinum storage.

Please note that access to The Safe House facility is by appointment only. Please contact Silver Bullion Pte Ltd.

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