Parcel NAD5-002232

Parcel NAD5-002232

Parcel NAD5-002232

As of 2020-02-27 4:10 PM Singapore Time

1 × Nadir Silver Bar - 5 kg

160.75 oz | 5,000 grams | .999 Purity Silver

Parcel Valuation

Silver Valuation (BID) 4,055.57 SGD (SGD) / 2,901.60 USD (USD)
Our Buyback Offer 3,920.77 SGD (SGD) / 2,805.16 USD (USD)

Parcel Status

Owned by S.T.A.R. ID 7314-3843

This parcel is stored at The Safe House since 2018-11-13.

Parcel Location History:

Parcel Date Event Comments Location
NAD5-002232 2018-11-13 Receipt The Safe House

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Supplier Direct, parcelized on 2018-11-13.

About Genuinity:

  • Supplier Direct means the bullion was sourced from the mint, refiner or primary distributor directly and is not individually tested (sample testing only).
  • Dux Pass # means the bullion was either transferred-in by a customer or is part of a sample test.

This parcel is covered through Marsch Insurance and is fully protected from:

  • Theft, Fire and Building Collapse - through Theft & Fire Liability Protection
  • Inside jobs - through Infidelity Liability Protection
  • Unknown cause losses - through Mysterious Disappearance Liability Protection
  • Sabotage and Terrorism
To better understand bullion Liability Protection and what you should know about "All Risk Insurance" see Three Common Bullion Storage Misunderstandings

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