Parcel 09160808

Parcel 09160808

Parcel 09160808

As of 2020-10-31 1:07 AM Singapore Time

1 × Silver 1000 oz* LBMA Good Delivery bar

932.37 oz | 29,000 grams | .999 Purity Silver

Parcel Valuation

Silver Valuation (BID) 30,022.72 SGD (SGD) / 21,948.04 USD (USD)
Our Buyback Offer 29,385.02 SGD (SGD) / 21,481.85 USD (USD)

Parcel Status

Owned by S.T.A.R. ID 2707-5127
Property of S.T.A.R. Storage Customer

This parcel is stored at The Safe House since 2015-07-27.

Parcel Location History:

Parcel Date Event Comments Location
09160808 2015-07-27 Receipt The Safe House

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Parcelized on 2015-07-27.

Test ID #1870

TPL #001786

Tested on 2015-07-27 2:47 PM by John Tay

Product tested:


Test Measured Value Remarks
Bullion Purity 99.99% Ag X-ray fluorescence surface scan within 99.9% expected tolerance
Weight 1,000.00 oz Within expected tolerance
Ultrasound Thickness 80.00 Ultrasound Thickness Measurement (UTM) revealed no cavities or extraneous metals.

Tested bullion should have an unbroken Tamper Proof Label (TPL) nr. 001786 on it. Peeling the TPL or cutting through it will void the TPL.

The test was carried out by Silver Bullion Pte Ltd on 2015-07-27 14:47. Since then the sample might not have been under Silver Bullion Pte Ltd's control and alterations to the bullion (e.g. potential drilling) cannot be excluded.

Silver Bullion Pte Ltd does not accept any responsibility, liability nor claims for damage caused by the information that is obtained from the testing results and how this information is to be used.

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About Genuinity:

  • Supplier Direct means the bullion was sourced from the mint, refiner or primary distributor directly and is not individually tested (sample testing only).
  • Dux Pass # means the bullion was either transferred-in by a customer or is part of a sample test.

This parcel is covered through Marsh Insurance and is fully protected from:

  • Theft, Fire and Building Collapse - through Theft & Fire Liability Protection
  • Inside jobs - through Infidelity Liability Protection
  • Unknown cause losses - through Mysterious Disappearance Liability Protection
  • Sabotage and Terrorism
To better understand bullion Liability Protection and what you should know about "All Risk Insurance" see Three Common Bullion Storage Misunderstandings

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