Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Posted by Gregor Gregersen on 03 Nov 2009



I have purchased and stored precious metals with Silver Bullion for several years. This bullion dealer truly understands their customer needs and has consistently exceeded my expectations when working with them. I work as a global independent contractor and have modest financial account holdings in New York, Frankfurt and Zurich. Silver Bullion, however, offers safe and affordable storage in arguably the best jurisdiction in the world, Singapore.

Let me explain how simple it is to do business with Silver Bullion.  Although Singapore is one of the largest global financial centers, their political leadership does not wish to be too heavily reliant on their banking industry. Yes, Singapore has the safest banks in the world, but they have pushed hard over the past 20 years to diversify their economy. PM bullion is therefore tax-free because this island state is focused on developing commerce.  

Ask yourself how do I safely and confidentially reposition my financial assets from being a creditor to the banking system over to a jurisdiction that eliminates that type of counter-party risk? You can open an on-line account with Citibank Singapore from your home jurisdiction, including the USA. Western Union on-line accounts have more affordable international wire-transfer fees than most banks. I initially wired $100K over during previous visits to Singapore, but over the past 2 years the US banking sector has progressively increased their capital controls. Chase Bank recently told me that $25K was their maximum daily wire-transfer amount and they have monthly maximum transfer rates as well. I strongly encourage you to legally and securely: Get Out of The System!

Singapore is a very safe jurisdiction. It would be a rare event for anyone in Singapore to get mugged in broad daylight. You do not need a car. Just jump on a light-rail MRT train and travel over to the Paya Lebar station to visit Silver Bullion.

I currently prefer using The Safe House storage for my precious metal holdings. Silver Bullion is dedicated to serving their customers' needs. Professionalism is the foundation of everything they do. Most people fail to understand that without privacy, you have no personal property. And without personal property, you can have no individual freedom. I highly recommend Silver Bullion for your PM storage.

--- PT - July 2015


I have been a customer of Silver Bullion since early 2013. I have shipped my own bullion to them through the Transfer-In process which includes receipt and check-in, testing for authenticity, and placement in S.T.A.R. Storage. I have bought bullion from them and placed it in S.T.A.R. Storage. Most recently, I have rented Class II safe deposit boxes at The Safe House and placed a portion of my metal there. I must say that every interaction with the people at Silver Bullion has been superb. They have kept me completely informed at all times as to the status of my metals. I could not be happier or more satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of similar services.

--- JR - January 2015


I started using Silver Bullion when I lived in Singapore, and decided to continue using your services while living abroad. You do not only provide top tier customer service and professionalism in the precious metals business within Singapore, but also and especially at the international level.

I have always been very impressed by the level of online services and the level of transparency being provided by Silver Bullion. In these days transparency is the single one most important thing when investing in physical precious metals. This transparency was continued when I recently took my first delivery and I could experience first hand the entire process. Having the opportunity to continue to invest in precious metals with the same degree of transparency while living outside Singapore really made the difference for me!

Singapore is at the moment a great place to invest in precious metals, and Silver Bullion is positioned within Singapore to take maximum advantage of this opportunity. Being located at the Certis Cisco building, security is always number one.

I often encourage my friends to go to their website and learn more about investing in precious metals. My personal belief at the moment the market is undervalued and there are great opportunities to be earned. I look forward to continue investing through Silver Bullion.

--- Wouter V. - December 2014


First, I flew to Singapore to see for myself if The Safe House really is what it claims to be. It is. I was given a tour of the facility. Having worked in a bank vault myself, I had a good idea what to look for. The Safe House is a carefully designed operation, with multiple dimensions of security. I was impressed. So I decided to move some of my own items there. The staff went to extra effort to be helpful to me at every step of that move. I can easily recommend The Safe House in Singapore for secure storage of valuable items.

--- Mr. P.D., Spokane, Washington, USA - November 2014


I can highly recommend Silver Bullion as the premier bullion dealer in the world. They have it covered on ALL bases – jurisdiction, security, trust, convenience, technology, pricing and service.

With the industry leading DUX testing and either STAR or self-storage/safety deposit boxes (in the independent Cisco facility, where Silver Bullion is located), you are assured that you have the SAFEST form of money in the SAFEST jurisdiction in the world. Now with their STAR program you can also have liquidity without traveling to Singapore.

Gregor and Vergel know their business and are extremely professional. The Silver Bullion website is very informative, user-friendly and secure; Gregor is a database programmer and made a site that has many active fields but I have never found a glitch or incorrect information.

These guys have it down! I hope they can keep up with the crush of demand once the rest of the world wakes up to the importance of sound money in a safe jurisdiction.


--- Peter S., Hong Kong - September 2014


I am very impressed how efficiently and quickly you have completed the testing and parcelizing of my metal, recorded the information through my online profile, and are now securely storing the bullion in The Safe House.


I have viewed the details and parcel photos on line in my account and everything looks excellent.


This is really excellent. Thank you.


--- Simon - August 2014


I have two accounts being held at Silver Bullion. Both of these accounts are US IRA accounts which were somewhat difficult to set up as it was a new process for your organization. Fortunately, I was assigned to Vergel Villasoto to help me with the task.

Beyond being excellent in his ability to help me, Vergel was always courteous, patient and responsive during the process of working through all the special circumstances associated with my situation. A year after starting my association with Silver Bullion I had some new questions about the accounts and Vergel was there to help me again. Vergel and the Silver Bullion team provided me a fantastic customer service experience and continue to do so. Without reservation I would recommend their services to anyone!



--- CT - February 2014


I feel Silver Bullion to be honest, secure and I trust them. I also like the fact that they are located in beautiful Singapore. I have met the founder Gregor at a business conference last November in Singapore. He spoke about SB's present and future directions and also had one of his technicians show a practical DUX testing on a few pieces of metal from our group.

The next day I went to SB and had a good visit with Vergel. I dealt with him many times through their website and he is always more than happy to assist and or answer any questions that I may have. It was exciting for me to finally meet him face to face.

Their website is user friendly and helps track your personal allocated holdings with pictures, pricing and dates which is extremely helpful. SB is the best out there and I will continue to use them along with Singapore's reputation for friendly solvent business practices. I trust Silver Bullion.

Thank You Silver Bullion,

--- William - February 2014


Having read the previous testimonials, I can only echo the sentiment expressed by others. I have had all of my correspondences with Vergel and have never been disappointed by the level of service, consideration and genuine concern for my needs and answers to my numerous questions. The responses are timely and extremely helpful. I am more then happy to recommend this company to friends and family.

--- Dr. Ron - December 2013


Silver Bullion is a unique and compelling choice for people looking for bullion storage. It is, in my opinion, the safest, most transparent, and most ethical bullion storage choice today. The reasons are several, but start with the people who own and operate SB. Gregor, Vergel and the rest of the staff are personable, accessible, and eager to assist you, which is very important when deciding to trust a company to hold large amounts of bullion for you long term.

I can't say enough about the fabulous and responsive customer service. It's often very easy to set up accounts, but responsiveness after the fact can be lacking. Not so with SB. Have a question? E-mail Vergel and he responds in a timely manner. Or pick up the phone and call - either way your matter will be handled quickly. Setting up an account is fast and simple, with a minimum of forms (all online), and the ability to securely upload required documents is a huge time saver.

Best of all, Gregor has come up with several unique elements not found in other bullion storage companies. DUX testing all (transferred in) bullion in storage to assure its authenticity means you don't have to take anyone's word that it is not counterfeit, and combined with sealed, numbered parcels for which you are provided pictures gives you absolute confidence that your bullion is the real deal and has been allocated to you alone.  Next, he allows you to prepay storage in advance - years in advance if you desire - at a fixed rate per ounce. To me that's huge, since it allows me to determine in advance what I will pay for storage and know that the rate will not increase as the price of metals increases. Plus, he has worked hard to isolate SB from U.S. exposure, and there is an account option you can choose that instructs SB not to comply with repatriation orders, should your government happen to issue such an order in the future. That's a very important protection, given that one of the reasons most people hold precious metals offshore is to protect their wealth from greedy governments.

Given all of the above, plus the location in Singapore, arguably the best precious metals storage location in the world today, I think you cannot make a better choice than Silver Bullion. Friendly, honest, responsive people; the most comprehensive bullion testing procedure in the business; totally transparent allocated storage; and unique tools to add another level of safety entirely. It's a great operation.

--- Joe - November 2013


As a regular customer of Silver Bullion, I would like to commend them for their 1st class level of professionalism in customer service.

First and foremost is the level of transparency of their website. The prices and the amount of stock available are updated live consistently. On top of that, it is a breeze to use the website to place my orders from home.
Secondly, I have gained more knowledge about silver investing from their staff Vergel and John, who are always so forthcoming in teaching me.

Finally, the friendly service provided by Eva, Francis, and all the other staff really topped up the pleasant experience of transacting with them each and every time, unfailingly.

I will continue to make my purchases of precious metals from Silver Bullion for a long time to come.

I wish them with all my heart that Silver Bullion will become the first place people will go to when they want to buy or sell gold and silver.

 --- Gideon Goh, www.SingaporePhysicsTutor.com - April 2013


I am impressed by the service quality of Silver Bullion. The response from your team was prompt and detailed. I feel safe to buy here. Will recommend friends to buy precious metals from you. Great job!

 --- Melvin - January 2013

Ever since I discovered Silver Bullion I must say their service is top-notch and very professional. All their staff are genuinely nice people and they are always ready to assist me.

I am not a person who is easily impressed as I was from a sales profession before but I am impressed by Silver Bullion's service. They are really sincere in helping me through the entire buying process. I felt good and confident buying from them.

I also like that Silver Bullion is very transparent with all their policies. They spell out everything in their website, which greatly aided me in making my investment decision.

Silver Bullion is also constantly looking to improve their service and product line. Recently I gave a feedback about a minor issue. They took my feedback and rectified the situation within a day. That is top-notch efficiency.

They have gained my trust and respect. I fully recommend Silver Bullion to anyone who is serious about preserving their wealth.

 --- Andy - December 2012

Alo fellow weath preservers, I first became a serious purchaser of gold and silver from SilverBullion.com.sg in the beginning of year 2011. I have found their website very impressive and professionally done with all the necessary information concisely displayed in the main page. Any other additional information is available with a few clicks of the mouse; navigation is hassle-free. The pricing of their products is reasonable and competitive, with an interesting tier system to reward its loyal customers with more value.
It is also important to me that their service has always been top notch. Patience and professionalism is what I have come to expect and receive. Whenever I have any questions, I know I can always turn to Eva or Greg for help. Since the beginning, I have had many good experiences doing business with SilverBullion.com.sg and I highly recommend SilverBullion.com.sg to anyone who is a serious invester in precious metals. Try them out and you will see. --- TKT - May 2012

I first started buying precious metals from Silver Bullion Singapore in 2010. Their service has been impeccable and they currently offer the widest selection of bullion in Singapore. Physical bullion is essential to secure one's future in this day and age. I strongly recommend Silver Bullion Singapore as the best place to purchase your bullion. --- J.R. Tan - May 2012

I have been looking for a convenient online system in Singapore to get the most updated gold and silver bullion prices for a while before finding SilverBullion.com.sg. Its system has many desirable functions and offers great convenience in terms of locking in the latest prices and placing orders. Since its prices change in real time with the gold and silver spot prices, one can get more competitive prices from them compared to pawn shops. If the system can be improved further to publish charts of historical silver and gold bullion prices for technical analysis purposes, I am sure with the soon to be implemented removal of GST on physical silver and gold bullion coins and bars, SilverBullion.com.sg will become the bullion exchange of choice in Singapore. --- H. Yu - February 2012

金和银才是真正的财富,鈔鏢只不过是在生活中的一种工具,以前所谓金本位银本位是用计算真正财富的本质,bank叫銀行已说明此意。銀的用处多而廣从医学到科学工业等等都不能缺乏使用到銀这金属,意味着他的价值是深远的并给我们帯来幸福与繁荣,在医学与科技上也已说明銀的重要性是不可置疑的,特别是科技发明暂时没有其他更有効的代替品。由於銀的産量少用途多其价值必定提升而现在正是投资的好机会。谢谢silver bullion公司在新加坡给我们有机会投资。请各位捉紧机会谢!

(translation in English)

"Gold and silver is the real wealth, dollar notes are only a means for transacting. Gold and silver has been used in the old days as a measurement of wealth. The word bank in Chinese is yin hang, which literally stands for "silver house", which says it all. Silver has a wide range of usage: from medicine to science and many more industries need silver. In totality, it means that silver is more valuable than advertised, and it continues to bring us prosperity. It has its important role and contribution, without a doubt, in medicine and technology. Especially in technology invention, silver has no substitute. Because of silver's wider range of usage, and that less of silver is being produced or mined, its value will go higher and therefore it is an opportune time to invest in silver right now. Thanks to Silver Bullion Pte Ltd, it provides us a good avenue to invest in this precious metal in Singapore. I hope you will not miss out on this good opportunity right now in investing in silver. "--- Nissi Chen - November 2011

"I have been buying my silver bullion from SB since April 2010. My transactions with them have all been very efficient and hassle free. The SB team (Gregor, Eva, KT, Vergel and John) are all very friendly and knowledgeable. Having SB right here in Singapore gave me the opportunity to purchase silver bullion as a way to diversify from fiat currencies. I am happy to have SB as my trusted supplier of silver bullion, and will gladly recommend anyone who is to keen to buy silver to give them a try. "--- Vernon - November 2011

"As a regular customer of Silver Bullion Singapore, I have been very pleased with the fast and excellent service they provide. I earlier bought silver from many sources, but after doing business with SBS, I have switched all my silver purchases to them for the convenience of buying that they offer me." --- Marko - November 2011

"I have been using Silver Bullion Singapore amongst other options to purchase my silver in the past few years. I must commend that Silver Bullion Singapore does provide one of the safest, personalised, complication-free forms of silver purchasing. On top of that, their prices are competitive and based on real-time spot prices. I am also especially impressed with their integrity to sell silver even when there is a drop in spot price unlike a lot of other dealers that have ceased to sell. Well done."--- Gene - November 2011

"It's great knowing you Greg, Eva, Vergel at Silver Bullion. I always felt warm and at home with you folks there. I would highly recommend Silver Bullion for their friendly service and always at their best while serving you be it over the phone or through e-mail. Once I have a problem putting through my order and they immediately come to my rescue. Thanks again.

To all silver bugs out there, (not forgetting gold bugs) ....... Always Silver Bullion" --- Glenn and Jesme - November 2011

"I have bought a few times from Silver Bullion and find their service fast and efficient. Their website is also easy to navigate and very informative. I communicate with Vergel most of the time and find him very approachable and excellent in service. All in all, thank you for selling silver bullion in Singapore! Will be looking forward to buy from you again." --- JL - August 2011

"Physical precious metal belongs in any thinking investor's portfolio. It is not only a fantastic investing opportunity, but also the only way to protect one's wealth against the weakness of central banks. I have been a Silver Bullion customer for some time now and have found their service to be honest, open and reliable. We should all be grateful that there is such a convenient and fairly priced bullion dealership in Singapore." --- James, Director of Taipan Investments - July 2011

"We have been purchasing silver from Silver Bullion since November last year.  Silver Bullion is a reliable dealer.  They have honoured all our purchases at the prices we placed with them over their website. It is safe to purchase from them. All the silver we purchased are in good order. We will recommend our friends to purchase silver from them." --- Mr and Mrs Ng - June 2011

"It has been six months now since January 2011 that I started purchasing precious metals from Silver Bullion. I am impressed by its website. It is very user friendly and contains all relevant information needed even for an amateur to place orders with regard to type of products, pricing and availability. The articles are also very informative. On a personal level the staff are prompt in ensuring that transactions go through smoothly and take every effort to answer queries. They even seek opinions from customers on products and services through polls. They take care of their customers through discount tiers which are rare elsewhere.

Further to these, with my interaction with Eva who is in the frontline most of the time, she was very helpful." --- Lum Sian Ming - June 2011

"Silver Bullion has made purchasing physical silver convenient in Singapore. Ordering can be done online at any time of the day. Service is excellent and they are willing to share their knowledge in their area of expertise. I look forward to making more purchases from them in the future." --- Mr Chan - June 2011

"I have been buying silver bullion coins and bars since last year as a protection against the constant debasement of currency worldwide. As banks do not sell the metal, after an Internet search, I found one company, Silver Bullion Pte Ltd, that sells the metal at a reasonable price, which is conveniently located at Certis Cisco at Paya Lebar (you can even store the metal immediately after purchase, renting safe deposit boxes available at the building). The service rendered by Eva, Kai Tong and Vergel is excellent. They are helpful and friendly and will advise you accordingly.

Most people are hesitant to buy silver because of the premium over the spot price; but this is reasonable considering the fact that one is owning the physical metal and not paper derivatives. When I started to buy silver, I was hesitant ordering my silver through the Internet but trust grew after subsequent purchases after I found the company to be highly reliable. Now I buy silver from time to time as a form of savings (not speculation).

I recommend that anyone who is keen on investing in silver to call at Silver Bullion Pte Ltd to see for themselves on investment opportunities in silver." --- Mr CK Koh, teacher - June 2011

" Was introduced to Silver Bullion by word of mouth. Their admin and sales staff, Ms Eva, Mr So and Mr Vergel are true professionals. No sales talks.
Looking forward to continued business dealings with them and hopefully they are here for the long haul!" --- Mr Adrian Pang - June 2011

"This is my first visit to Silver Bullion, I was pleasantly suprised with the excellent service rendered by Ms.Eva Li. I am impressed with her professionalism and courteous customer-orinetated service excellennce. I will be introducing more of my friends to your business.
I wish her all the best in her future endeavour" --- Mr. Arasu - November 2010

"We are pleased with the company, Silver Bullion, for its online ordering system. It is reliable and easy to use for us to buy gold & silver. Moreover, the team, Gregor and Eva are very helpful, open to feedback and suggestions. Thank you very much" --- Mr and Mrs M - October 2010

"I have made several purchases since July 2010. I am particular pleased with the online system as the live pricing allows me to determine my purchase cost.
The service I have received from Silver Bullion has been top class especially from Eva who is friendly and helpful.
Thanks for making investing in physical silver as simple as ABC." --- Sze Wee - October 2010

"I have transacted with Silver Bullion over several occasions and they have proved to be a very professional and highly efficient company.  With their many years of experience in the Silver industry, this shouldn't come as any surprise. And yes their ordering process through their company website is 'state of the art' and totally user friendly.

Their silver delivery is fast and best of all, their silver prices are extremely competitive, offering one of the best in Singapore.

I would definitely recommend Silver Bullion to anyone looking to buy silver coins or bullion in Singapore." --- Mr Lee - October 2010

"Silver bullion has supplied me with competitive priced silver allowing me to invest more in my future wellbeing.  They are a friendly professional team who offer a great verity of products for the discerning silver investor.  Keep up the great work" --- Garry - October 2010

"Silver Bullion has provided me with a fast, efficient and well priced service. They readily respond to my enquiries and certainly provide service with a smile.

I particular like their volume discounting that rewards regular customers. I highly recommend buying your bullion from them and I look forward to a long and mutually rewarding business relationship with them." --- Brad - September 2010

"I've always wanted to get physical silver way back in late 2008 and wasn't able to do so. Now, buying physical silver was easier than before with Silver Bullion. One of the first few bullion dealers in Singapore that I know of. With their website that is easy to surf, I'm a very happy and grateful customer and off course, a physical precious metal investor. All thanks to Silver Bullion. You know what they say, you do not own it unless you touch it.

Those who have second thoughts on buying physical gold or silver with Silver Bullion, you are going to miss out on the greatest investment of all time. Grab your gold and silver as many as you can before the world starts to run out of it. Before it's too late. Before it gets too expensive. Eva, the lovely lady that will answer your call if you call Silver Bullion will guide you through the buying process. The best part, she does not have to sell or force you to buy their products with all those sales pitches like those in the financial industry. Anyway, the reason you are calling her is because you already thought of buying gold or silver.

In my opinion, the world financial health is very sick. Get rid of the paper money and get hold of real money(gold and silver).A massive wealth transfer is happening and you would want to be on the right side of it. Get your real money now. Get it from Silver Bullion. I'm a happy customer and I believe anyone else will too." --- Hairizan - June 2010

"The reception was friendly and the transaction was smooth. Recommended for those who want their transactions done in a private and unrushed setting." --- Wong - June 2010

"Silver Bullion is an excellent no fuss way to purchase silver bullion in Singapore. They have very helpful and knowledgeable staff and also a secure and easily accessible location to collect my orders." --- Ben - June 2010

"Silver Bullion has one of the most user-friendly and technologically advanced selling platforms on the net. It allows users to have 24/7 access to an extensive array of bullion items. While many coin companies will not post their final selling prices or charge a hidden fee at the time of checkout, silver Bullion provides full disclosure.  On top of that, their staffs are really professional and take great pride in helping their customers receive the best coin buying experience possible." --- Mr. Chee - May 2010

"Having made 2 purchases with Silver Bullion in the past few months, I am indeed very pleased with their speed of communication, as well as their high level of customer service.

Their online-ordering system is world-class. It provides transparent and direct cost information, allowing me to easily determine my cost of purchase, instead of making multiple phone calls to determine a live quote everytime I want to purchase any silver.

In addition, with the introduction of the discount tiers, it allows me to accumulate more silver for a lower price! For anyone who is looking for an easy and professional route to owning silver and/or gold, Silver Bullion IS your FIRST CHOICE!"--- Ming Hui - May 2010

"It has been my pleasure to deal with Silver Bullion Pte Ltd on a number of occasions in Q2, 2010. The transactions were efficient, smooth and a pleasant experience overall." --- Leelock - May 2010

"Over recent months, I have made multiple purchases from Silver Bullion.
I appreciate their service for three main reasons:

  1. by making silver bullion purchases easily available in Singapore, it very much simplifies the process of what is, in my opinion, likely to be an excellent long-term investment for the "man on the street"
  2. Eva, their admin person, is friendly, responsive, and reliable
  3. their website is updated very regularly and easy to navigate.

Overall, an exceptional service. Thanks guys!" --- Bob  - April 2010

"I have a great buying experience from SilverBuillion.com. From the beginning phonecall from receiving the physical stk. Every process is smooth and pleasant for both me and my wife! Thanks!" --- Teo - March 2010

"I was very happy to finally find a reliable silver bullion seller in Singapore with good stock levels and a nice variety of silver products available . The service I have received from Silver Bullion Singapore has been excellent and I highly recommend anyone to look here first for your silver investment needs." --- Marko - March 2010

"This is my first time buying silver bullion for investment and all I have is a great experience with Silver Bullion Pte Ltd. The process from making the order until delivery is very efficient. On top of that, the excellent service provided by Mr Gregersen and Ms Eva has been very valuable to me. Mr Gregersen has been very informative and friendly to answer all my queries.

I would encourage anyone who would like to invest in silver bullion to purchase from them. So far, I found their price to be quite competitive. Thanks for bringing silver to Singapore. It has made us easier to invest in silver bullion. I look forward to purchase more silver from you again. Thanks." --- Erwin - March 2010

"It was a very good experience making my first purchase from your silver bullion online store. I am happy with my purchase. Congratulation on the opening of silver bullion online store. I wish you great success in the months and years ahead. You online store is easy to navigate and i like the layout. Well Done! Its an important service you are providing for Singaporeans. Thank you very much." --- Sharifah - December 2009

"Your service is prompt and efficient. I receive my silver within 3 days of making order online. Your guys know your stuff and always willing to sit down and listen to our feedback. Looking forward to doing more business with Silver Bullion again." ---  Victor - December 2009

"I'm pretty pleased with the overall experience of dealing with silver bullion. I felt the way in which you guys did business was not only flexible but also accomodating as i had a special request to collect the goods on saturday (not a working day) which you guys accomodated, appreciated that. Furthermore, much helpful infomation was also provided by your team prior to the purchase which is also appreciated.

Would recommend anyone who is interested in investing in physical silver to consider buy from silver bullion. Prompt delivery, helpful and friendly staff. Special thanks goes out to Eva and Gregor." --- Nick - December 2009

"I'm very glad to find a reliable source from which to obtain physical silver in Singapore. Overall it was a good buying experience from the online order process to the delivery. Thank you for answering all my questions patiently and thoroughly. By doing so, I definitely feel assured that the people behind Silver Bullion are sincere and trustworthy - they've done their homework thoroughly and know the market well too! I am looking forward to making more transactions with this company in the future." --- Lia - November 2009

"I bought my first physical silver in early 2009 through a middleman. Since then, I have transacted with Silver Bullion on three occasions. From the onset, it was a good experience. The response to my queries were provided speedily and in a most friendly manner by your friendly staff. At no point in time did I feel that she was just keen on closing the deal. She was accommodating with my requests on the time and place of delivery. This is one company that values your feedback. During my first purchase, I expressed interest in procuring Silver Vienna Philharmonics. It was a pleasant surprise that they were on the same page as me. Needless to say, they delivered what they promised to do. Do participate in the polls that are hosted on the Silver Bullion website, you may get what you wish for!

In my opinion, the price proffered by Silver Bullion is competitive. Coupled with my belief that Silver Bullion is my partner in the quest towards getting the best value for my investment, I will say that Silver Bullion is the place to go to get your silver. Take that first step today. Cheers towards a successful investing relationship!" --- Mr Dennis A. -  November 2009

"Excellent variety of silver bullion available...Silver Bullion Pte Ltd represents reliability and trust for customers.” --- Jin, NUS graduate -  October 2009

"Thanks for your services and hope to keep buying more." --- P.T -  October 2009

"Thank you so much for your explanation to my queries. Given this well and thoughtful explanation and excellent service, I am buying silver bullion from you." --- Rafael L. -  October 2009

“I am pleased that the entire process was pretty smooth. What surprised my wife was that within 24 hours of placing the order, the silver products were delivered. Thanks for the expedited delivery. I would add that the website especially the online shopping system was well setup. While placing my order online, it reinforced to me that I was dealing with a credible company and credible people. The online info and your shopping system was enough to confirm to me that I was dealing with a genuine vendor, not a scam or fraud.

It may have surprised you that I did not even contact your company via phone or email at all prior to placing my order. I know my stuff and from your website info I could tell that the people behind Silver Bullion know their stuff. I thank Gregor too for taking the time to share his knowledge when he delivered the products. He has the passion for this stuff! Thanks for bringing physical silver into Singapore!” --- Mr Lim - September 2009