Free 1-year S.T.A.R Storage with Purchase of 2018 1oz Silver Britannia Coins

Posted by Vincent Tie on 05 Feb 2018

Enjoy 1-year Free Storage with Purchase of 2018 Silver Britannia 1oz Coins

In conjunction with the launch of the new 2018 Britannia 1oz silver coins by The Royal Mint, you can enjoy 1-year free storage with Silver Bullion's S.T.A.R Storage program for every storage purchase of the 2018 Britannia 1oz silver coins.

The 2018 Britannia 1oz silver coins feature a new guilloche background on the obverse, enhancing the Queen’s portrait.


Terms & conditions of promotion

  • Applies only for S.T.A.R Storage orders of 2018 Britannia 1oz silver coins placed between February 5th to February 28th 2018 (Singapore Time).
  • Minimum S.T.A.R Storage parcel size of 500oz applies.
  • Should a storage duration longer than 1 year was selected at checkout, only the first year's storage will be free.
  • The first year's free storage will begin once customers' orders are fully paid and closed (.i.e any pre-ordered quantities of products fulfilled and processed into the vault for storage).
  • This promotion is valid only for the first 40,000oz ordered with storage under the S.T.A.R Storage program.
  • No refund of pro-rated storage fees if bullion purchased under this promotion is sold within the first year of storage.


Benefits of this promotion

  • Buy the 2018 silver Britannia 1oz silver coins at the lowest silver coin premium from our website.
  • Enjoy 1-year free S.T.A.R Storage for your purchased 2018 silver Britannia coins at our high security vault, The Safe House, with full insurance.
  • Unlock capital from your stored 2018 silver Britannia coins on our Bullion Secured P2P Loan Platform.


How to start

  • Ensure that you have a verified S.T.A.R Storage account. Otherwise, click on 'Sign Up' at the top right corner of our website to apply for a S.T.A.R Storage account.  
  • Go to the 2018 silver Britannia 1oz silver coins product page. Indicate the quantity you want to buy and click on 'Store in Our Vault' to add it to your shopping cart.
  • Proceed through checkout to place the order with the indicated S.T.A.R Storage fees. Silver Bullion will manually adjust your order thereafter to reflect the free 1st year storage.
  • Proceed to arrange for payment for your purchase of the Britannia silver coins.